Establishment of a company

When companies abroad or foreign-affiliated companies want to start a company in Japan, a company registration is required. This comes in various forms such as establishing a company as a local subsidiary or a sales office as a branch office.

At our Nagoya Legal Office, with a Judicial Scrivener, Shintaro Ideta, who has a lot of experience in supporting the establishment of a company in Japan for companies abroad, we listen to what your company plans to do in Japan, the current situation of the parent company and a list of board members of the company to be established in Japan. We will provide an optimum company form proposal, perform a procedure by giving advice on company law, registration procedures, permits and licensing, visas, tax systems etc.

We provide full support including the preparation of documents for directors of the parent company in their home country, certificate support, translation, registration for an establishment, procedures for tax and social insurance.

  • Type of company to be established
  • Giving advice on predictable issues a client may face upon establishing a company in Japan
  • Giving advice on finding a property for an office and space suitable for a client’s business
  • Preparation of a representative’s seal
  • Translation of various documents into English
  • Preparation of affidavits, drafts of signature certificates and authentication support
  • Arrangement of articles of incorporation at the notary office
  • Recipient of funds
  • Application for registration for company establishment
  • Translation of certificates of registered matters into English
  • Notification of and report on inward Foreign Direct Investment based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law
  • Notification of tax-related documents and application of the documents
  • Notification of social insurance-related documents application of the documents
  • Assistance in opening of bank accounts in Japan


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